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Crystal Bag Keyring


For that perfect and practical bomboniere, give your guests a keyring they can use everyday and think of you.

This is one of the cutest bag keyrings we have ever had, it features 45 large crystals in a lovely bag design that has a cute pink crystal flower in the top right corner. The backing also has a filigree design. It comes complete with ring circle and also lobster parrot hook, that allows you to securely hook this bag on your belt strap or even accessories your bags and other items just like Gucci, Guess Dior, has dangling charms off there bags.

Keyring type: Bag
Material: 39 Large Clear, 5 Pink crystals
Size 4.5 x 3.6cm
Price: Per Piece
Minimum Quantity: 15

To dress the bomboniere we recommend using tulle circles with sugar almonds or chocolates and for a extra special touch display it in a PVC Box with silver mirror base, all items sold separately so mix and match to compliment your theme.

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Min:  15