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Double Diamond Cross Keyring


For that perfect and practical bomboniere, give your guests a keyring they can use everyday and think of you.

This is a stunning keyring with a double cross feature, The bottom cross is a concave shape encrusted with diamond crystals, the top cross is free to swing around, but sits nicely ontop of the bottom cross to add depth and style to this keyring.

It also features a lobster claps which allows you to hook the keyring on any items eg belt straps, or embelish bags with just like a gucci or guess dangle charm

Keyring type: Double Cross
Material: 46 Crystal Diamonds with shiny chrome silver
Size 4 x 3cm
Clasp: Contains both key loop and lopster clasp hook
Price: Per Piece
Minimum Quantity: 15

To dress the bomboniere we recommend using tulle circles with sugar almonds or chocolates and for a extra special touch display it in a PVC Box with silver mirror base, all items sold separately so mix and match to compliment your theme.

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Min:  15

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